As a Catholic institution in the 圣十字的传统, our goal is to provide a place for robust conversations about the things that matter most to us.

When Blessed Father Basil Moreau founded the Congregation of 圣十字, his educational philosophy centered on instilling in students the competence to see and the courage to act. 我们的 programs are anchored by the moral imperative that compels us to live peacefully in a global community, and our students are encouraged to grow spiritually, challenge injustice and promote peace.

服务 & 外展

The idea of making the world a better place is ingrained in the 圣十字的传统 and is an intrinsic element of the Stonehill experience. Each year, students provide more than 40,000 hours of community service. Making things happen in a hands-on way fosters the kind of growth you cannot experience anywhere else.


石城的 社区参与 Program brings students beyond the boundaries of our campus. 我们的 largest volunteer initiative, this student-led program engages in meaningful community service with more than 35 local agencies.

Student 俱乐部 and 组织

Stonehill has a number of student-led 俱乐部和组织 that center on service and volunteering.  

H.O.P.E. 服务 Immersion Program

我们的 H.O.P.E. 服务 Immersion Program offers students the opportunity to travel to various domestic and international sites to engage in a week of service and cross-cultural exchange.

庆祝活动 & 敬拜


All members of the Stonehill community are welcome and encouraged to gather for worship. 群众 are celebrated on campus throughout the week in the Chapel of 我们的 Lady of Sorrows, 玛丽教堂, and in various residence hall chapels. 校园部 provides information about local religious services in other faith traditions for those students who are interested.


If you’re looking for a great way to spend a weekend away from Stonehill, a 校园部 retreat might be perfect for you. 撤退 are the perfect opportunity to deepen your faith, spirituality and sense of community. You’ll get to know your peers on a new level, and you’ll learn a lot about yourself.


The 教堂唱诗班 consists of talented singers and instrumentalists who give their time and gifts in exchange for growth and experience. In addition to providing sacred music for liturgical celebrations at Stonehill, the 教堂唱诗班 performs at many major events on campus and, 有时, internationally through tours within Europe.


Students wishing to pursue preparation for the sacraments of Baptism, 第一次领圣餐, Confirmation and Marriage can do so through programs offered within 校园部.


Liturgical ministry is a great way to get involved with spiritual life on campus as a lector, 服务器, 教堂司事, minister of communion or minister of hospitality. You’ll have the opportunity to assist with the Sunday Eucharist, Opening Mass of the Holy Spirit, 学士学位的质量, and other worship services throughout the year.


Everyone needs guidance from time to time. If you need someone to talk to during your time at Stonehill, you won’t have to look very far.


堂牧师 are 圣十字 priests and brothers who live among the Stonehill student community. They provide a ministry of presence and offer pastoral care and spiritual programming in the residence halls.


In addition to the 圣十字 religious on campus, 校园部长 are available to meet with students to discuss personal growth, 精神上的方向, and any other personal topic. 校园部长 also serve the Stonehill community as directors of major campus ministry programs, 祈祷仪式, 礼拜仪式, as well as provide pastoral care and assistance in times of transition and trauma.


Named for Blessed Father Basil Moreau, founder of the Congregation of 圣十字, 莫罗学生部长 support the student body by creating a welcoming environment, strengthening faith groups, and serving as a conduit to spiritual resources on campus.


校园部 offers a vibrant combination of liturgical life, 撤退的生活, 信仰的形成, service opportunities and sacramental initiation. 当学生崇拜上帝时, serve the common good and reflect on the action of God in the world, they attend to the deepest and most authentic part of themselves, integrating spiritual life within the rich tradition of a Catholic education.